How to do the body temperature test during ovulation, what are the methods?

What is the body temperature test during ovulation? What are the methods for female friends to test ovulation? Xiaobian introduces a more convenient method for body temperature test ovulation. So what is the body temperature test ovulation period? Is the temperature test ovulation accurate? The following can be read in detail for the body temperature test ovulation method introduced by everyone! The basic body temperature test ovulation method basal body temperature is to capture One of the most accurate methods of ovulation day. The basal body temperature measurement refers to the body temperature measured after waking up for 6 to 8 hours without any activity (such as talking, eating, or getting up, etc.) (the thermometer is recommended to be placed on the bedside). The measured body temperature records are linked into a curve by date, called the basal body temperature curve. The basal body temperature of ovulatory menstruation is biphasic, that is, the body temperature before ovulation is low, and the body temperature after ovulation is high. The turning point of the two is the ovulation day (and some people warm up on the day of ovulation). The increase in body temperature after ovulation is divided into two different situations, one is a slight decrease, immediately rises, the other is not decreased, the body temperature rises directly (I am the latter, probably because my electronic thermometer can only measure One decimal point is not accurate enough). Experience: Although it is troublesome to measure the basal body temperature, it is actually a kind of fun, which can satisfy your curiosity. If the measured curve is not very good, it is recommended to continuously measure the regularity of ovulation in a few months. I am at the AA on the ovulation day, and the AA on the second night of the ovulation day. In addition, in order to ensure the quality of sperm, it is recommended not to use AA within three days of ovulation. Is the ovulation period of the basal body temperature test accurate? As long as the method is accurate, it is good at persistence or accurate. The first thing to talk about is that you can’t move after waking up in the morning (for example, going to the bathroom, drinking water), otherwise it will affect the test results, which means taking the thermometer for the first time. If the ovulation day will be higher than usual, the pro can draw an icon to record the daily temperature. This can be seen by recording the time. Through the above introduction, how to do the basal body temperature test ovulation period and the basal body temperature test ovulation period is accurate, Xiaobian will tell you here. It is believed that female friends can correctly test the correct ovulation period as long as they correctly use the basal body temperature test to test the ovulation period, so as to master the correct physiological cycle.