How is it easy to catch a cold during ovulation during pregnancy?

How is it easy to catch a cold during ovulation during pregnancy? In the ovulation period, the resistance of women will decrease, which is easy to cause bacterial infection. If it is for pregnant women who have a cold at this time, they should not take medicine. This is especially harmful to the baby. It is recommended to use some food. To adjust it, if it is serious, you can seek medical treatment. Generally speaking, there is no significant impact on flu during ovulation, but it is recommended not to conceive during ovulation. Ovulation in clinical medicine refers to the process in which egg cells are discharged together with surrounding granule cells. Generally, women’s ovulation date is about 14 days before the next menstruation, and sexual intercourse during ovulation is easy to conceive. Women in ovulation usually have decreased appetite, high sexual desire, more vaginal discharge, reduced resistance and strong energy. Therefore, pay more attention to the following changes during ovulation. 1. During the ovulation period, female friends should pay attention to avoid excessive fatigue. Pay attention to rest, and keep local cleanliness to avoid infection. If abdominal pain occurs, heat the abdomen to reduce pain. It is best to keep exercising every day so that you can strengthen your body. 2, female friends should not eat spicy, dry and irritating food before and after ovulation, which can prevent the increase of ovulation bleeding and time prolonged, and prevent sexual life during ovulation bleeding, the reasons Is to prevent infection. 3, female friends should pay attention to health care during menstruation and postpartum, but also pay attention to maintain the cleanliness of the vulva, so as to prevent pelvic infection; in addition, female friends should pay attention to maintain a comfortable mood during this period, try to Do not appear excessive tension, which is beneficial to the body of a female friend. Note: Patients can be treated by Chinese medicine. First, 15 grams of Atractylodes Rhizome, Raw Coix Seed, Chuan Niu Knee and Root Bark, and 10 grams of Cork, Alisma and Psyllium are used. Then take it under the guidance of a doctor, you can not use it indiscriminately. This method can play the role of clearing damp heat, regulating menstruation and stopping bleeding. During ovulation, the body’s resistance will be weak, so it is easy to be invaded by viruses or bacteria. Pay special attention to it, it will not affect the human body. Usually rest, drink plenty of water, eat light, many people start to become pregnant. Just love a cold. Don’t take medicine first, use brown sugar water and green onions to boil water, and it will be better to cover your sweat. If you take medicine for pregnancy, it is not good for your child.