The study found that “rectal” drinking will be more high

Lead: I have seen such a legend on the Internet earlier, saying that drinking wine for a chrysanthemum or a woman’s “little sister” will make you more high when making love. Because this method directly skips the digestive system and shortens the time it takes for alcohol to enter the bloodstream. This is widely circulated. Many people start drinking with “rectal” and enjoy it very much. Please click to view [Full Map] Experiment Preparation Scientists have found a Harvard student. Before the experiment began, he went to the lab where the scientist was covered with sensors to monitor his heart rate and respiratory rate changes. And let him kneel on the lab bed, the scientists used a small catheter to insert into his rectum. The experimental form is to some extent, it is uncomfortable to put a thing in the rectum. Fortunately, the Harvard students in the 1920s were quite tired during the day, when they basically went to sleep mode at 9:30 (think about the present). We, oh). At midnight, scientists began to inject alcohol into the catheter that was inserted into the rectum beforehand. Of course, it was not filled in in such a powerful way, but slowly drip in drops, so as not to disturb the student’s sleep. The experimental data they injected a total of 37.5 grams of alcohol into the rectum of the student, and a typical standard drinking unit contained 14 grams of alcohol, which meant that the student drank two bottles and a half of the wine in the rectum. When the student got up the next day (6 o’clock), the scientists tested the blood of the student and the metabolism of the new city. At this time, it was 6-7 hours away from rectal drinking. Experimental results The scientists were surprised to find that the body responded after drinking the rectum, which proves that the rectum has the ability to drink. Then, the scientists found that after drinking the rectum, the body passed the instrument test, which will produce a calming effect, and the effect of this calming effect is exactly the same as that of drinking with the mouth (this is the result of the instrument test, and the brain feels excited after drinking. Different). The rectum does have the ability to drink alcohol, but it doesn’t seem to have any other special reactions, so brothers, if there is no special reason, still use the mouth to drink the bar! Drinking rectum does not give you more experience.