Have you ever had a “time difference” in your sex life?

People mentioned that the time difference will think of two points. The first is that air transport workers have to take time difference. The second is that there must be “time difference” tactics in some sports. Today, I will give you some knowledge, and the time difference can still exist in sex life! Of course, the time difference in sex life is not the time for men and women to compete, or to take turns to rest. The scams here mainly refer to the time contrast between male and female sexual excitement. Time difference leads to disharmony in sexual life In real life, many men and women find a problem: men are more likely to reach sexual excitement than women, and men’s orgasm is faster than women. Few couples or couples reach orgasm at the same time. . Because of this time difference, in her sexual life, young husbands often complain that their wives are cold and lacking in passion; while their wives complain that their husbands only care about themselves and do not know how to be gentle. Sexual life time difference will be reversed. However, this “sex life time difference” between men and women will be reversed in couples over 35 years old, because the sexual desire of men and women will change around 35 years old. For example, men’s sexual ability peak period is 20 to 30 years old, and gradually declines after 35 years old; while women’s sexual ability peak period is just after marriage, often it is necessary to reach enough energy to invest in sex life when they are over 30 years old. Xiaobian recommended: Be careful! The quirks on the bed make men and women unhappy with the “missing” behavior of men and women. The specific performance of men and women is different: 1. The sexual desire of men and women is relatively fast, strong and vigorous; while women’s sexual desires tend to come slowly, and the degree is also relatively weak. This is a typical performance of young and middle-aged people, and there may be an “opposite” situation after middle age. Of course, it is not that women will enter the state very quickly, but men will slow down. The real situation is that women are more urgently demanding, and men are not as strong as they used to be. 2, male eager female slow men’s sexual excitement comes quickly and quickly, usually 3 to 6 minutes can quickly enter orgasm, to achieve ejaculation; and women’s sexual excitement is relatively slow, generally more than 10 minutes, the duration of sexual excitement after comparison long. 3, male and female wide men’s sexual desire is concentrated in the sexual organs earlier, sexual desire is strong, and thus sexual satisfaction; women’s sexual desire to focus on the slower sexual organs, complex and extensive, not only requires sexual organs to be satisfied, but also language, Caress and other aspects of assistance, only after reaching a certain level of sexual excitement, have sexual intercourse requirements. 4, male sexually explicit male sexual intercourse sexual pleasure is significant; while women sometimes do not obvious or asexual pleasure. This is the most common situation, but with age, in middle age, women may be more active and demanding, while men become somewhat “incapable”. Sexual life time difference can coordinate the “sex life time difference” between men and women is a physiological difference, which can be coordinated through adjustment. The practice is to correctly understand the difference between “male and female slow” and “male and weak” in sexual life. By appropriately strengthening the sexual stimulation of the wife and appropriately suppressing the sexual impulses of the husband and oneself, the two sides can enter the sexual excitement simultaneously. And reach orgasm. Guess what you like: Double Five to create the perfect sex man’s favorite charm woman woman jealous of the truth More content, please pay attention to Feihua Health and sex channels: http://sex.fh21.com.cn