Charming woman TOP5 in the eyes of men

What are the TOP5? Fresh and mysterious: Clever, she knows how to add some condiments in the ordinary and boring marriage life, inject some sparks of passion, and let the lover’s body and mind re-emerge. She also knows that sometimes it is too calm to be interested in enhancing feelings, and the attraction between lovers is more from the mystery of the other party, so she knows to keep some personal secrets and have her own fixed social circle. Knowing how to keep an appropriate distance from the other party, if you leave, you will bring some unexpected surprises in this alienation, and as a husband, you have to announce that you have to re-recognize her again and again. Love has thus been continuously sublimated. Independence and strength: First of all, you have to believe that the power of love has made her strong enough to let her say goodbye to the feminine and helpless girl of her childhood, and become the backbone of your family. Xiao Bian recommended: Secret: Women’s natural quirks 6 traits let men line up to chase you 5 strokes Teach you to quickly recognize the man’s heart. Although she is not the aggressive woman who is afraid of outsiders, but she has the opinion of all, can handle all kinds of problems independently, not accustomed to relying on others, not because of a little trivial matter. And call it over and over again to cry with you and distract your energy. Whether you admit it or not, she is a powerful pillar of your spirit. When you are the most depressing, you are the best object for your dependence and confession. She is so gentle and intimate, as long as a smile, a thoughtful statement, is enough to withstand all the blows and injuries you have received outside. Personality and temperament: Although we can’t ask every woman around us to be beautiful and beautiful, the beautiful appearance is born, and the elegant temperament is dependent on the day after tomorrow. Good temperament is the permanent charm of women to attract men. If you speak softly, speak a little warmer and softer, walk high and stand tall, and consciously cultivate and shape your temperament on weekdays, then even if your appearance fades with the age of the years, the temperament will make you give the whole person. Impression added points. Carefulness and Responsibility: Carefulness is a unique quality in women. Careful women always feel intimate, and her observation is sharp. She is always hidden in the air, and she will not help you with everything, but in the handling of some fine details, her care is often indispensable. A cup of warm milk that was handed over at the half of the night. In the rainy day, there was an umbrella that she sneaked in. When she was in urgent need, she could take the money to survive the crisis. Her carefulness would not put pressure on her. Occasionally, A bright move is always convincing. And her sense of responsibility gives you more security. She uses her weak shoulders to shoulder the responsibilities and obligations of being a wife, mother and daughter. Love and Childlikeness: Love here does not mean her love for you, but also for your parents, the weak people around her, and the love of all mankind. A woman with a soft heart is not too bad, and she has an unconcerned child who can always bring you unexpected surprises and fun in the long days of sharing. With her, you won’t feel the cruelty of the passing of time, because the innocent smile on her face has left the pace of time. Everyone will age, and only those women who are caring and childlike will never grow old. In short, a good woman knows how to rely on her lifelong efforts to maintain and update the love that belongs to you from time to time, so that you can thrive in the love network that she has been dripping. Guess what you like: how to turn him into a lover, a man who is not suitable for being a husband, let him fall in love with you, make love, demonstrate emotional stories, couples, emotional fun, sexual intercourse