Adjusting the sexual ecology of men and women can be more harmonious

Whether for sexual life or daily life, couples and couples are always pursuing harmony. However, how can we make couples’ sex life healthier? Experts believe that balanced ecology and sexual energy can continue to be filled, and regulatory ecology can be from the following Efforts in the field! Xiao Bian recommended: What is the man in the sexual consciousness of different kissing methods? 1. Do a personality. The family has a group of people who eat healthy organic food, wear natural materials and use second-hand clothes. Houseware, cycling or walking, practicing yoga, listening to spiritual music, and paying attention to personal growth. This group of people hopes to be happy, healthy, and radiant through the practice of consumption, food, clothing, food and shelter. Those who accept such a lifestyle call themselves “Lohas.” Sexual love is the spirit of music? Of course. The spirit of sex and love is to pay attention to the process and return to sex itself. For example: Don’t complicate sex, keep your own personality and characteristics in front of complicated and complicated sex tutorials; choose the most suitable way of sex, instead of catching up with fashion. Get close to nature and develop the potential of the body itself instead of relying on external forces; Why is the development of modern tools, and our bodies are more and more in the face of sex? Because the construction of our true sexual energy comes from ourselves. Pay attention to your own spiritual feelings and create more than one change of objects in exchange for sexual pleasure. This is the theory put forward by Amas. He believes that many people still feel unsatisfied after changing their sexual objects continuously because they lose the ability to satisfy in their hearts. Therefore, in order to gain sexual pleasure, you must first have a rich heart. Slow, slow, slow. The enjoyment of the sexual process is far greater than the result. Don’t make sex a kind of performance in order to achieve some ideal expectation or some standard. 2, men and women should moderate abstinence to try moderate abstinence? “Sex, do you really understand?” The book said that moderate abstinence is for a better outbreak. In ancient China, health education thought that there should be a degree in the house. The so-called degree is moderate, can not be unintentional, unrestrained. Many health care providers advocate that after adulthood, they should gradually decrease their sexual life with age. Therefore, it may be conscious to separate at a certain time, or reduce the number of sexual life. 3, food supplement is more effective than aphrodisiac modern people are increasingly valued appliances or drugs, aphrodisiac drugs will be popular. This point can be seen from the time when Wan Ai Ke was just listed. However, the use of drugs can easily destroy the balance of the body, because its excessive stimulation leads to overdraft of sexual energy, so the mild spring meal is more effective. The famous spring meal has teapot steamed seafood, crab yellow live shrimp, celery sea bream roll, eight treasures and so on. 4, exercise ratio is more suitable for decompression Many people think that sex is the most effective means of decompression. Therefore, a survey on the frequency of sexual life found that the higher the frequency of people in larger cities, the greater the pressure on the metropolis. Decompression through sex is understandable, but it is easily addictive and becomes dependent. Experts believe that other healthy ways should be used to decompress, such as running, gymnastics, ball and other sports, exercise can produce a secretion of dopamine as much as sex. 5, learn to intimate massage Taipei “listen to you” psychological training workshop founder Yang Minglei believes that for couples with a long marriage life, we must expand the meaning of sex. Sexuality does not just mean sexual intercourse. Modern people are busy, and many people are tired when they come back from work. At this time, intimacy is more important than making love. He provides a comfortable and gentle treatment of the body, that is, the husband and wife under the guidance of experts, through some specific massage movements, with this simple body care activities, can quickly promote the harmonious atmosphere of the family. He called the course name “intimate massage” Many people think that it is a couple’s sex massage, but it is not. Balance the good nature of ecology, in order to make sex life more harmonious, and also make the relationship between husband and wife more intimate, just as the famous sex brand LELO said, harmonious perfect sex is the bond of husband and wife relationship! Guess you like: the most interesting sex research is to be friends Still have sex, please pay attention to the gender channel: