Why do men like to touch a woman’s chest?

There is a proud chest is a lot of girls envy and craving, not only because of wearing clothes, good-looking, sexy, and most male friends like their girlfriends have a proud double peak, with a full chest can attract the opposite sex vision. Many male friends responded to the fullness of the chest and felt good, so why do men like to touch the woman’s chest? The following small series tells you how the ten disciplines explain this problem. Why do men love to touch a woman’s chest? According to mathematical research, the arc formed by the man’s hands stretched out to coincide with the convex arc of the woman’s chest. 2, according to medical research, the least water in men is the hands, and the most watery part of the woman is the chest. 3, according to massage research, the best place for a woman to massage a man’s hand is the bottom of the man’s underpants, and the best place for a man to massage a woman’s hand is the chest. 4, according to aesthetic studies, the man’s coolest posture is the moment that will fight with people, and the most beautiful gesture of a woman is the moment when the chest is slightly raised. 5. According to literary studies, men’s hands are the most inspiration for women to write articles, while women’s chests are the most inspiration for men to write articles. 6. According to geography research, the most resilient part of a man is his hands, and the weakest part of a woman is the chest. 7. According to psychological research, when a man makes love with a woman, the first desire is to touch the chest, and the second is to attack the bottomless pants. 8. According to biological research, the bodies of men and women are born with each other, such as men’s bottomed pants and women’s bottomless pants, as well as men’s hands and women’s chests. 9. According to historical studies, in the history of many eunuchs, their hands have basically become weak and weak, and the chest of the scorpion, which has not been favored by the emperor, has become loose and soft. 10. According to kinematics research, men often touch the woman’s chest with hands to enhance resilience, while women are often touched by men to increase the water, which is good for the next generation of children to eat milk. Many female friends now dare to bare breasts, especially some female stars are also on the chest. Of course, beautiful things can be appreciated, but our vast number of female friends should pay more attention to their lives, check their chests and prevent breast problems. At the same time, we must also take care of our boyfriend or husband to prevent other big breasted women from derailing!