Why do men like to touch a woman’s chest?

There is a proud chest is a lot of girls envy and craving, not only because of wearing clothes, good-looking, sexy, and most male friends like their girlfriends have a proud double peak, with a full chest can attract the opposite sex vision. Many male friends responded to the fullness of the chest and felt good, so why do men like to touch the woman’s chest? The following small series tells you how the ten disciplines explain this problem. Why do men love to touch a woman’s chest? According to mathematical research, the arc formed by the man’s hands stretched out to coincide read more

Adjusting the sexual ecology of men and women can be more harmonious

Whether for sexual life or daily life, couples and couples are always pursuing harmony. However, how can we make couples’ sex life healthier? Experts believe that balanced ecology and sexual energy can continue to be filled, and regulatory ecology can be from the following Efforts in the field! Xiao Bian recommended: What is the man in the sexual consciousness of different kissing methods? 1. Do a personality. The family has a group of people who eat healthy organic food, wear natural materials and use second-hand clothes. Houseware, cycling or walking, practicing yoga, listening to spiritual read more

Have you violated 8 mistakes in sex life?

A happy and happy sex life is not a taboo. Maybe you have no accidents when you have sex, and you have a great pleasure, but you may have made mistakes inadvertently or conceptually. If you don’t believe it, look at the 8 errors below. There will always be one that has been violated by you. Mistakes 1. Men always want to have sex. They always want to have sex and men and women. They don’t always want to have sex, and they don’t always want to have sexual intercourse. In the “immediately able” aspect, men are not as good as women, because men have “no refusal” read more

Charming woman TOP5 in the eyes of men

What are the TOP5? Fresh and mysterious: Clever, she knows how to add some condiments in the ordinary and boring marriage life, inject some sparks of passion, and let the lover’s body and mind re-emerge. She also knows that sometimes it is too calm to be interested in enhancing feelings, and the attraction between lovers is more from the mystery of the other party, so she knows to keep some personal secrets and have her own fixed social circle. Knowing how to keep an appropriate distance from the other party, if you leave, you will bring some unexpected surprises in this alienation, and read more

Have you ever had a “time difference” in your sex life?

People mentioned that the time difference will think of two points. The first is that air transport workers have to take time difference. The second is that there must be “time difference” tactics in some sports. Today, I will give you some knowledge, and the time difference can still exist in sex life! Of course, the time difference in sex life is not the time for men and women to compete, or to take turns to rest. The scams here mainly refer to the time contrast between male and female sexual excitement. Time difference leads to disharmony in sexual life In real life, many men read more

The study found that “rectal” drinking will be more high

Lead: I have seen such a legend on the Internet earlier, saying that drinking wine for a chrysanthemum or a woman’s “little sister” will make you more high when making love. Because this method directly skips the digestive system and shortens the time it takes for alcohol to enter the bloodstream. This is widely circulated. Many people start drinking with “rectal” and enjoy it very much. Please click to view [Full Map] Experiment Preparation Scientists have found a Harvard student. Before the experiment began, he went to the lab where the scientist was covered with sensors read more

How is it easy to catch a cold during ovulation during pregnancy?

How is it easy to catch a cold during ovulation during pregnancy? In the ovulation period, the resistance of women will decrease, which is easy to cause bacterial infection. If it is for pregnant women who have a cold at this time, they should not take medicine. This is especially harmful to the baby. It is recommended to use some food. To adjust it, if it is serious, you can seek medical treatment. Generally speaking, there is no significant impact on flu during ovulation, but it is recommended not to conceive during ovulation. Ovulation in clinical medicine refers to the process in which egg read more

How does the thermometer test the ovulation period?

The basal body temperature of normal women of childbearing age is the same as that of the menstrual cycle. The corpus luteum formed after ovulation and the secretion of progesterone stimulate the hypothermia’s thermoregulatory center, leading to an increase in basal body temperature and continuing until the next menstrual cramps. Using a thermometer to measure ovulation is a simple and effective method. This can effectively increase the chance of conception. Then, how does the thermometer test the ovulation period? How accurate is it? How to measure ovulation with a thermometer? How to read more

How to eat and promote ovulation during ovulation, how to choose

For those who want to have a baby, ovulation is very important. During ovulation, women’s ability to conceive is very strong. Good eggs can give birth to healthy and intelligent babies, so be sure to pay attention during ovulation, especially diet. So how does the diet promote ovulation during ovulation? How to choose the ovulation diet? Summary of the following, I am willing to help friends. What to eat to promote ovulation 1: Soybeans and soy products Soybeans and soy products are rich in high-quality protein, and sufficient protein is one of the key nutrients for the normal development read more

How to do the body temperature test during ovulation, what are the methods?

What is the body temperature test during ovulation? What are the methods for female friends to test ovulation? Xiaobian introduces a more convenient method for body temperature test ovulation. So what is the body temperature test ovulation period? Is the temperature test ovulation accurate? The following can be read in detail for the body temperature test ovulation method introduced by everyone! The basic body temperature test ovulation method basal body temperature is to capture One of the most accurate methods of ovulation day. The basal body temperature measurement refers to the body temperature read more