Intercourse is too indulgent, careful bacteria invade the bladder

The bladder is a human urination system that is physiologically close to the reproductive system and interacts with each other. Some people who are too casual are only concerned about the health of the genitals and kidneys, ignoring the feeling of the bladder. However, in the splendid sex life, the bladder has also suffered a lot, and cystitis is the most common condition. Why does unclean sex cause cystitis? The production of cystitis is inseparable from the invasion of bacteria. Common non-specific cystitis is Escherichia coli, E. coli, Proteus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Streptococcus faecalis read more

3 inflammations destroy male reproductive health

The health of sexual organs is crucial for sexual life. Therefore, in order to have and maintain a healthy sex life and maintain the relationship between the two sides, men must pay attention to and prevent genital infections. In particular, always be alert to male genital infections such as orchitis, prostatitis, urethritis, and epididymitis. Orchitis orchitis is one of the most common infectious diseases of the male reproductive organs. It occurs due to the infection of various diseases and viruses in the blood, lymphatic vessels and vas deferens or epididymis, and the testes caused by mumps. read more

Prevention of breast hyperplasia is inseparable from 6 matters

For many women, it is no stranger to breast hyperplasia. Today, it has become the most common breast disease in women, and its incidence is the first in breast disease. In clinical practice, there are many causes of breast hyperplasia, mainly due to the imbalance of endocrine hormones. Because of the great damage of breast hyperplasia, it needs to be cured in time. And for a series of problems such as swelling and pain caused by breast hyperplasia, lumps, and so on, I feel troubled. Then, in our daily life, what should we start with, away from breast hyperplasia? Sleeping laws Modern people read more

Can Morning Bing reflect the health of men?

Generally speaking, healthy men will have morning babies, but doesn’t it mean that men’s sexual ability is not good? This is not the case. Chen Bo can be one of the important criteria for juvenile sexuality, but it can only be one. Because Chen Bo is affected by many reasons, it is not possible to judge the sexual function by the presence of Chen Bo. Different ages are different from the beginning of puberty, and men begin to have morning babies. Morning Bo is referring to the natural erection of the penis in the unconscious state at 4-7 in the morning. Under normal circumstances, read more

The woman who just fell in love has the highest male hormone

Both men and women contain androgens in their bodies, and the changes in androgen levels in the human body are also very strange. Let’s take a look at how interesting this androgen is. It’s hard to be accurately measured. Dr. Neil Goodman of the University of Miami Medical School said that many people only once tested it to determine that their androgen levels are too low. In fact, the level of androgen is constantly changing. The more accurate the measurement, the more accurate it is. A woman who has just been in love with androgen high Italy found that within a few months after read more

Count 3 less reliable methods of contraception

There are many contraceptive methods, but not every method is so reliable. Some have certain contraceptive effects, but they are more harmful to the body and are not worth the candle. Take a look at three common less reliable methods of contraception. 1. Safe period contraceptive method This method is based on the female physiological period to calculate the date of pregnancy, and sexual intercourse can achieve the purpose of contraception during this period. In general, eggs can survive for 1-2 days after excretion. Sperm can survive for 2-3 days in the female reproductive tract. Therefore, read more

Class 3 abortions that parents must be vigilant

Although everyone is no stranger to abortion, know how to take measures for contraception, and know how to care after abortion. However, you may not know what type of abortion is divided. In order to better protect your body and clearly understand the abortion, experts are invited today to briefly introduce the types of spontaneous abortion. Under normal circumstances, in addition to human flow, spontaneous abortion is divided into three types: threatened abortion, inevitable abortion and incomplete abortion. Type 1: Premature abortion of threatened abortion If you go to the hospital in time, read more

Abdominal contraceptive use fails

Women sometimes have contraceptive failures due to various reasons in sexual intercourse, and need to take emergency contraception after the incident to save the field. In fact, the failure rate of emergency contraception is also very high. Emergency contraceptives need to be taken within 72 hours of the completion of sexual intercourse. The sooner you take it, the better. The contraceptive effect of emergency contraception is not 100%. Therefore, female friends must ensure the success of contraception as much as possible in the sexual intercourse. So why does emergency contraception lead to read more

Woman “age segmentation” method

Women of different ages have different physical qualities. As a result, the hormone secretion and conception rate in women will also be affected. Therefore, if you want to use health, safety and effective contraception, you should choose different methods of contraception according to different ages. When to use a condom, it is appropriate to take the pill, everything depends on the age of the woman! 20 to 29 years old: condoms and short-acting contraceptives For girls in their 20s, the most suitable method of contraception is condoms and oral short-acting contraceptives. If you have regular read more

6 precautions for taking “oral contraceptives”

While enjoying the joy and joy of sex, people will also worry about the troubles and troubles caused by unwanted pregnancies. Contraceptives have become a way of daily contraception. But the wrong use of birth control pills can also bring unexpected harm to people. So what are the problems to pay attention to when taking contraceptives? Oral contraceptive effect receptors affect women between the ages of 18 and 39. If the body weight is equal to or greater than 58 kg, 60% of oral contraceptives may fail, especially those with low estrogen levels. Women who are overweight have a faster metabolism read more