How to prevent blood in ovulation, how to prevent it

What is the cause of ovulation? Xiaobian checked, ovulation bleeding is a gynecological disease, we must pay attention, can not care, especially for pregnant female friends, the normal ovulation period is very important. Abnormal ovulation has a bad effect on normal conception and the fetus. Therefore, if the mothers who are preparing for pregnancy have such a situation, they must be treated promptly to understand how to prevent bleeding during ovulation. Prepare to have a healthy and intelligent baby. The exact cause of the ovulation bleeding during ovulation is unknown. It is generally believed read more

Let the man’s brave method look over

Sexual knowledge Daquan Do you know what? What do you want to know about sex in the sex life? The following is a small series that tells you what to do with sex and how to make a man brave. Let’s take a look. The method of making a man brave and fierce 1. Repeatedly adjusting the speed of tics Some men are in love when they want to have excellent performance in front of their wives, so they often desperately pull in and out. As everyone knows, in fact, it is easy to cause tension and anxiety to yourself, and this kind of emotion can lead to a reduction in the ability of the ejaculation read more

How can exotic love be sweet?

Exotic love develops with the times, more and more people go abroad because of schooling and other reasons, lovers come from different countries or separate countries, so that the sweet love has been a major test, exotic love compared to long distance love The distance is farther, the communication is more difficult, and the feelings between the two sides are tested. Then the question is coming, how can we maintain a good exotic relationship? First, this is very important. You really really like (love) this person. This is fundamental and will protect you from all kinds of temptations. Second, read more

How should the virgin come first? Novice development plan

The virgin is very green for the first time. Maybe it will make people feel very shy, but you must not exclude some skills in advance before the first-time life. This may reduce the occurrence of virgin premature ejaculation. Take everyone to see what skills the virgin can use for the first time. For the first time, men are more nervous than women. Remember to bathe and change your teeth, don’t rush to leave a bad impression. When bathing, don’t forget to brush your teeth; don’t bring it to bed after the wedding. You can also spray some oral fragrance to avoid bad breath. Don’t read more

The secret of the male sexual physiology

Many women do not understand men and think that his psychology is unpredictable. In fact, men have certain defects in their sexual psychology. Male sexual psychological defects are generally reflected in the “more sultry and more stimulating”, “must be touched to reflect intimacy” “eyes naturally cast into the opposite sex” “like to listen to the woman’s past.” We introduce these four. 1, the more hidden the more stimulating: men are prone to the teasing of nude photos and striptease. This is because women are “tactile” and men are “visual”. read more

What are the disadvantages of male and female life?

What are the disadvantages of male and female over-life, and while enjoying sexual life, couples should also pay attention to the health care of sex. So today’s health care network introduces you to the disadvantages of male and female sexual life. Everyone can learn. 1, excessive sexual life will lead to poor physical condition for both men and women, will cause greater physical exertion, long-term, will inevitably lead to low physical condition. It will also affect the mental state, and even the thinking ability, memory, analytical ability, etc. will go from bad to worse. 2, sexual life read more

How do young people handle sexual impulses correctly?

Lead: In the process of growing up, it is very normal for adolescents to have sexual impulses to the opposite sex. However, this sexual impulse must be properly confronted and cannot be misguided because of sexual impulses. (2) The strongness of sexual consciousness and the expressive character of the puberty. The psychologically significant characteristic of adolescence is its obscurity and strong comprehension, which also leads to the literary nature of their sexual psychology. On the one hand, they attach great importance to their impressions and evaluations in the eyes of the opposite sex, read more

Is trial marriage equal to cohabitation?

Is trial marriage equal to cohabitation? Or cohabitation is just the external form of trial marriage? The divorce story suddenly increases, the collapse of the family, the misfortune of the children, we can not help but stop and wait outside the marriage. The old-fashioned bridal chambers open the hijab to know the bride. It is a kind of fragile wishful wing that hits the big fortune, but a piece of wedding book has a strong shackle, and wants to earn a break. A “bearing” word makes us Parents have reached the age of “children are married, women are married”. From a sexual read more

The 7 most common doubts of single women

Lead: Some women are still single at the age of marriage. Under normal circumstances, they have a set of their own confusion about marriage and the opposite sex. When women face these confusions, what kind of measures should they take to solve them? Second, when they are blind, they don’t feel at all. What should I do? Answer: Since it is a blind date, please don’t expect love at first sight, electric fire, if this People make you particularly disgusted, how to look dissatisfied, of course you can PASS off, but if you feel that his conditions are OK, just no special feeling, it is recommended read more

What women want to have in a lifetime?

A single man often doesn’t find an object many times, but he doesn’t know what he is looking for. In fact, there are countless games in the middle of a man’s life. What kind of woman will make him feel very important, it is necessary. A couple of women a man must own or have. 1. A mother who gave him gentle care in the eyes of Chinese men, there is such a warm words. “The mother-in-law is in the line, the wandering clothes are on the line, and the line is tightly sealed, and I am afraid that it will be delayed.” A kind-hearted, kind-hearted mother with a loving read more